Paddle Mixers Xo-R from Collomix - Made in Germany

The Collomixer

Your trouble-free mixing buddy.

  • Ergonomic

    Use less muscle power and more machine power. Collomix handheld paddle mixers are all designed according to ergonomic principles to eliminate hand and body fatigue. The machine is also designed to work in an upright position, eliminating back strain.

  • Durable

    The double-shell housing made of particularly robust, glass-fiber reinforced plastic withstands even extreme construction site conditions. It is extremely lightweight, shock-resistant and reduces the noise emitted by the machine.

  • Quietly Reliable

    Die-cast aluminum means maximum robustness and longevity. Polished, solid steel gear wheels inside the gearbox and a sophisticated lubrication system give you a quiet and reliable machine.

  • HEXAFIX® Connection

    Innovative and patented quick coupling for paddle changeover in no time, without additional tools.

Collomixer - Paddle Mixers

Let us help you find the right Collomixer for any job

More machine power means less muscle power. With a Collomixer, workers can mix more accurately and easily, save time by improving workflow and reduce physical stress. When things get heavy, the Collomixer won't let you down.
Every part of a Collomix mixer serves a specific purpose, because our solutions are far more than just modified drills. They are heavy-duty tools that are 100% made for mixing. All our components meet the highest standards in terms of durability, reliabili...