Collomix concrete grinders and diamond discs

Surface technology

Grinding in the champions’ class

  • Concrete grinder

    Powerful concrete grinders for grinding, smoothing, and removing residues.

  • Dust Extraction

    A dust extraction device for a clean and healthy jobsite. It’s compatible with most mixing buckets and vacuum cleaners from filter class “M” and above.

  • Select the suitable grinding cup-wheel for the surface to be machined

    Top professional quality for an optimum abrasion rate and a long durability; different segment qualities for different material hardnesses; smooth running and durable.

Concrete Grinders and Grinding Cups

Grinding and smoothing of concrete surfaces and natural stone

You can also rely on Collomix for surface finishing. Excellent for small and medium surface sections. Benefit from outstanding performance and perfect sanding results that convince the professionals. Effective dust extraction keeps your workplace clean and gives you air to breathe.