Collomix Tinting & Mixing - colorTEC Paintmixer and Shaker

Mixing and tinting in perfection

Clean. Save. Quick.

  • TINTA-Tinting machine

    Modular paste dispenser for point-of-sale, in the paint store

  • Shaker

    Paint shaker for liquid media such as paints, varnishes, coatings, for short mixing cycles with high intensity. Smooth running, reliable, attractive.

  • Small batch mixer - Rotogen

    The convenient mixer for automotive paints and other substances such as cosmetics etc.

  • Gyroscopic mixer

    for heavy and viscous materials up to 40 kg. Gentle mixing of receptacles and unsurpassed effectiveness in wholesale or production.

Tinting and mixing machines for paints, plaster and many other substances - mixed in closed containers