The perfect mix is automatic.

  • Productivity

    Designed for continuous mixing of small quantities for larger jobs, batch after batch. Brings speed, precision and ease to the worksite, saving you time and money.

  • Mix it all

    Just as every material needs a specific paddle; there´s a Collomatic machine for every specific job. You name it, Collomatic mixes it to perfection.

  • Mobility

    These automatic mixing machines can be used whereever they´re needed. Ergonomic handles, large wheels and light machine weight make Collomatic machines portable from job site to job site.

Collomatic - Automatic Mixers

The Right Collomatic Mixer For Any Job

More machine power means less muscle power. With a Collomixer, workers can mix more accurately and easily, save time by improving workflow and reduce physical stress. When things get heavy, the Collomixer won't let you down.
Use the choices below to find the right mixer for your needs.
What are you mixing
  • Compact
  • Runny
  • Liquid
Your extra "pair of hands" on the construction site
Efficient automatic mixers for reliable, time- and effort-saving mixing on the construction site – batch after batch. Let the machine do the work for you.
Collomatic TMX 1000: robust mortar mixer for bagged material up to 80 liters usable volume (up to approx. 3 bags)
Work effortlessly
Whether back-friendly, energy-saving or virtually dust-free – Collomatic equipment makes your work easier and protects your health. This is modern working.
LevMix flow mixer from Collomix - easy and targeted pouring of levelling compounds without much effort
Wide range of applications
Interchangeable mixing tools make certain Collomatic machines suitable for different material viscosities.