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LevMix Mixer for Flowable Flooring Compounds

Laying Pandomo Concrete System for Contemporary Concrete Surface Designs with LevMix Mixing Station

Mixing, transporting and pouring in one step - 980 sqft Pandomo Floor completed in one hour with LevMix from Collomix

Attractive cement-based top coverings are not only found in commercial properties these days, but are also becoming increasingly popular in the residential sector. A good example of this is the Pandomo Floor visible screed system from Ardex, which is ideal as a floor top covering for modern living spaces. Home-builders and architects appreciate the high level of individuality in colour and design.

The property described is a single-family home in which the area of 980 sq feet on the ground floor was designed with the cement-based levelling compounds. The material is very well-suited for the coloured design of floors, since it can be dyed as desired. The client chose an anthracite shade here. In addition to the colour design, the so-called trowel stroke is an additional individualising aspect of the floor design. This special craftsman technique can be used to create surface structures that guarantee an attractive individual look.

The client commissioned a recognised Pandomo specialist, the company Neugebauer from Freising in Bavaria (Germany), to perform the work. Working with these design leveling compounds requires experience and care. One special characteristic of these self-levelling screeds is that no expansion or cut joints are needed, not even for large areas. The requirements for this are checking that the screed is free of tension, careful preparation of the subsurface and precise mixing of the materials according to the instructions in order to avoid subsequent cracks.

Before starting the coating, an epoxy resin primer was rolled across the entire area to improve bonding. This was then sanded with quartz sand. To produce the levelling compound itself, 1.5 tons of Pandomo Floor powder material and 32 gals. (120 L.) of correspondingly coloured mixing water were available. As there was underfloor heating under the floor to be coated, the mixtures were additionally treated with a dispersion.

LevMix: The Best Mixer for the Job

The mixing technique used is crucial in the production of decorative leveling compounds. Since this is a visible surface, inclusions or imperfections in the finished surface must be avoided at all costs. The company Neugebauer relies on the leveling compound mixer LevMix from Collomix. This special mixing station is characterised by the fact that it ideally integrates three work steps. With the LevMix the material can be mixed, the finished mixture can be transported and poured out at the desired location. This in particularly greatly eases the physical effort for the worker, as no material needs to be transferred or carried around. This saves a lot of time. The consistently high quality of the mixture is created by the unique mixing tool of the LevMix. The double-bladed paddle ensures a quick and lump-free dispersion of the material in a short period of time. The intensive mixing also has an excellent leveling effect on the leveling compound.

Saves your Time

Time is money. This also applies to the processing of Pandomo. In order to avoid starting points or edges in the floor surface, it is crucial to deliver the freshly mixed material at short intervals. Therefore, the company Neugebauer decided to use three Collomix LevMix machines on this job site. The mixing station was located in the garage and the finished mixed material was transported into the house via a boardwalk. The LevMix was able to prove its high degree of mobility. The targeted and finely dosed pouring of the mixture ensured a clean distribution of the liquid material in the already plastered and painted interiors.

Impressive Mixing Result

The result is impressive: 1.5 tons of material for the entire ground floor were processed within an hour. The step-by-step working with the LevMix mixers enabled a fast and high-quality execution. The fresh mixture was levelled with smoothing trowels to the desired application height of seven millimetres. After a two-day drying phase of the leveling compound, the surface was polished with a grinding machine and brought into its final state. The client was visibly impressed by the visually and technically perfect surface.

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