Collomix Match-your-mix - Choose the right mixing paddle


We'll help you find the right mixing paddle for your mixing job

With thousands of materials on the market, choosing the right tool for the mixing job can be a challenge. Every material mixes differently, which is why it's important to master the mixing process. Viewing mixing as a necessary evil doesn't do it justice. Your work is too valuable for that!

To achieve lasting results, it's important to work with the right machine and the right mixer. We've been focusing on mixing for 50 years now and have developed tools that can optimize your mix, maximize your results, and meet the expectations of all stakeholders in your construction project.

To make sure you always use the right equipment for your mixing job, we offer a comprehensive information package:

Analogy: drill bit = paddle

Just as you would use the right drill bit for different materials when drilling, the same applies to stirring. In other words: The right paddle will always produce the best results.

Drill - Material - Mixer


Experience that flows into well thought-out tools – enabling you to work better.

Why are there so many different paddles? This comes down to question of what components the material to be mixed consists of and what consistency the material assumes during the mixing process.

You can only achieve a really good working result with the right paddle for the chosen material. The shape of the mixing tool determines how it works in the material. The quantity to be mixed determines the right paddle size/diameter and the type of drive/machine to be used.

The main types of paddles

DLX paddle
DLX – for flowing, soft materials
- Thin-bed mortars - Self-leveling compounds - Bonding and sealing slurry - Pourable screeds - Sealants
KR paddle
KR – for soft plastic, adhesive materials
- Tile adhesives - Adhesive mortars - Grouts - Smoothing fillers - Self-leveling compounds - Synthetic resin coatings
LX paddle
LX – for liquid materials
- Paints - Primers - Epoxy resins - Coatings - Slurries
MKD paddle
MKD – suitable for all viscosities and materials
- for DUO machines – mixes all materials
MK paddle
MK – for heavy, filled materials
- Concrete - Mortar - Screed - Epoxy resin mortar - Plaster
WK paddle
WK – for soft plastic and filled materials
- Ready-mix mortar - Plaster - Screed - Grout
MKN paddle
MKN – for flowing and creamy soft materials
- Gypsum plaster - Liquid plastics - Grouting mortar - Paints - Liquid coatings