Mixing Atlas

LevMix - Mobile Mixing Station for Flowable Flooring Compounds

Mix and Pour Flooring Compounds - the quick and clean way

Here’s 5 ways the top-selling LevMix saves you time and effort on the job site. First, the paddle.We have an exclusive paddle that is unique to Collomix. It mixes both from the top down to reduce air intake, and therefore bubbles. As well as side to side to break up clumps. No other paddle does this.

Second, capacity. The LevMix can mix up to 3 bags at a time. Even with this, it is still easy to handle and can mix the material quite thoroughly. Because of our unique paddle, we can mix 3 bags faster than other mixers that hold 4 bags. So, at the end of the day, the group put with the LevMix is greater.

Third, maneuverability. Not only does the machine have four castors, one locking, that allows for ease of transport. But the mixer will also tip and pour as well. No need to transfer the material to another cart for distribution. Simply roll the machine to the right location, tip, and pour. Easy!

Fourth, dustport. To avoid dust, we have a dustport that easily connects to your HEPA vac. You can protect your lungs and breathe easy on the job site. 

Fifth, cleaning. Now you are done with the job. It is easy to disconnect the paddle, due to our unique HexaFix quick couple. Pull back on the collar for an easy release of the paddle for cleaning. Also, to clean the bucket, simply tip the motor back so that you can twist and pull the bucket out. 

The LevMix is ideal for thin, flowable materials, which is floor-leveling materials, underlayment, overlayment, or epoxy. For highly sensitive areas, we have an optional sieve to hold back even the finest particles. 

An automatic mixer for self-leveling materials, with a mixing volume of 14,5 gal.