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Our story


When there is a job to be done, as we say in Germany, take a Collomixer!

Collomix is a family-run company that values quality over all else. We make purposeful tools for a specific job and never compromise when it comes to ensuring the best practices through the whole production process. As a fearless leader in the market, Collomix is trusted around the world as the only company focused solely on mixing.

About Collomix

From a wooden stick to a functioning tool

For five decades we have been developing mixing technology for paints, mortars, adhesives, plasters and everything else that needs to be mixed on the construction site.

Why mixing is such important

User-oriented solutions from professionals for professionals

A properly mixed material ensures problem-free processing and therefore successful work on the construction site – in trade or production.

Made in Germany

Uncompromisingly good – our quality promise

"Made in Germany" means more than just manufacturing great products. It defines our overall service for you.

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." - Aldo Gucci


Working at Collomix

The Spirit of Collomix

The most important aspect of our products is the people who create them. Would you like to learn more about us or are you looking for a new professional challenge?