Mixing Atlas
History: Modellreihenfolge der Rührwerke


An idea comes to fruition – since 1974

In the course of the 1970s a growing number of ready-mixed construction materials were developed, most of which only needed to be mixed with water. This required appropriate tools because mixing with a shovel or a wooden stick was no longer sufficient – this was not only time-consuming, but also placed extreme physical strain on the construction site workers. For two enterprising company founders, this was the initial spark for the business idea behind the Collomix company, i.e., to develop and manufacture mixing technology.

Collomix has worked tirelessly to fill this gap in the market ever since. We design and manufacture specialist tools for any type of material – always with optimum performance and long-term use in mind. The advent of home improvement stores created a demand for mixing machines that could be used to mix paints and coatings in retail containers. Collomix has also achieved a leading market position for shakers and biaxial mixers in this segment – especially in terms of the underlying technology.

Experts on the construction site want practical machines that reliably do their job – simply put: Products they can rely on. We believe that our customers should not only have uncompromisingly good products in their hands. We also want to make their work on the construction site as safe, easy, and healthy as possible. Among other things, Collomix enjoys a strong reputation among our customers. "You should use a Collomix mixer" is not infrequently heard in response to the question of what is the right mixing device for the job at hand.

As a family-run company with 120 employees, Collomix is characterized by solid economic fundamentals and prudent corporate management combined with continuous growth. We maintain an open and cooperative dialog with our customers and suppliers. We also take every opportunity to talk to them and respond quickly and flexibly to their needs as an agile medium-sized company.

As a market leader, Collomix enjoys worldwide trust, not least because we focus exclusively on the topic of "mixing". We are motivated to continue developing products that will help you get ahead in your work and provide a real return on your investment.

Mixing matters – in other words, mixing is too important to leave to chance.