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Uncompromisingly good – committed to quality

"Made in Germany" means more than just manufacturing great products. Above all, it reflects the expertise needed to ensure the product can fulfill its purpose perfectly in the final analysis. It is as much the result of constant manufacturing and process optimization within our company as of investing in innovative production equipment. At least as important as this are our dedicated and well-trained employees at all levels who ensure, day after day, that Collomix can meet our customers' requirements to their complete satisfaction. However, we are never satisfied with the status quo – we constantly look ahead and develop innovative solutions for our markets, which are also subject to continuous changes.

Collomix invests in the production of tools made from durable materials. In this way, we embrace sustainability and conserve natural resources.  Ensuring efficient use of materials is not only an economic imperative; it also reflects our awareness of environmental issues. Ensuring the recyclability of products and packaging is a major aspect of our product development process. In our relationships with our suppliers, we attach great importance to reliability, optimum production depth and process design.

Production facilities developed specifically for Collomix, at our Gaimersheim plant, ensure that every article is manufactured on the basis of constant parameters. Quality is not a product of mere happenstance, but rather a consistently implemented learning curve. Our company has operated a certified quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001 since 1996. Our daily implementation of a continuous improvement process ensures our competitiveness and flexibility – combined with the willingness of all stakeholders to adapt to and implement changes.