Mixing Atlas

Mixing is in our DNA

Applied competence

Proper mixing is more important today than ever before. New materials offer a high degree of specialization and therefore require special handling during mixing. Only with the right mixing technique can modern building materials be processed correctly, their properties optimally utilized, and processing defects avoided. Users can unlock vast potential savings in terms of time and money by optimizing their mixing technology.

During many decades spent focusing on the treatment of materials, we have been able to acquire a wealth of specialist application and product knowledge and continually adapt it to a set of fundamentally unchanging requirements. Our goal is to provide our customers with perfect mixtures that allow their chosen materials to perform at their best and ensure smooth processing. In this way, we support construction professionals not only in terms of the end result – our products also make their work easier, enable a speedy workflow, and also protect their health in the long run.

Our know-how, which has grown enormously over the years, plays a crucial role in enabling us to develop successful solutions for the user. The Collomix brand has made a name for itself in the construction industry as a specialist and a problem-solver. To this end, we work hand in hand with manufacturers in the construction chemicals industry, for example, in a spirit of trust. We make our knowledge available to our customers via various media to help answer any questions they may have about mixing.

Mortar Mixer AOX - with Mixing Tool KR Plaster Mortar Mixed Quickly
Collomatic mixing machines from Collomix: TMX 1000 and AOX-S on the construction site
Mix epoxy coating with Collomix Xo-duo double paddle mixer -  Sikafloor
Collomix LevMix fluid mixer - for perfectly running, lump-free mixing results for trouble-free work