Mixing Atlas

The Benefits of Mixing Properly

Save time, money and your health.

How mixing properly can save you time.

Working time is costly. In fact, as contractors know, every step of a building project is costly, and prices for materials and labor are only getting higher. However, if you invest in good tools, you create the conditions for quality work. Good tools also mean smooth workflows, and consistent results in less time. When you choose the right tools and techniques for mixing, you will open new possibilities for projects and be well-equipped to complete them faster. 

Having a strong team that understands the value of time will also help to enhance the ways that they approach utilizing time-saving products, like Collomix’s mixers and workflow tools. We make new tools where we see a need, not just to sell something new and exciting. Each tool has a specific and designated job and they interact with one another to deliver even more ways to help you save time and create great work.

In addition to choosing the correct mixing paddle, fully understanding the way that Collomix tools are designed will in turn help you determine what buckets to use, how much water to add, and best practices for cleaning up. You will save time through the whole process from start to finish, and ultimately preserve the longevity of your Collomix products.

Products which will help you to save time:

Mixing stand RMX from Collomix - effort-saving mixing with full maneuverability, helps with extensive jobs with many mixing processes

Mixing properly can save you money.

Saving time is directly related to saving money. When you have the tools to manage your work processes easily, you will effectively save money in the long-run. Delays, warranty damage, and quality-related setbacks will be avoided when your material is mixed perfectly and has the time it needs for the properties to fully develop. Your team’s labor will be optimized and this will result in less burn-out and heightened wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Less time spent working will make better use of project budgets and increase your ability to take on more jobs. 

The quality of your work will be impacted by your decision to invest in quality tools and use those tools wisely and with proficiency. Our dealers can point you in the right direction when you are deciding which tool you need for your job and we have lots of opportunities to learn about Collomix online as well. Download our Mixagon, which shows you which paddle to match with your material.

Products which will help you to save money:

Collomix transport cart with pneumatic tires: Save your strength and your back

Mix right and protect your health.

Working as a craftsman on a construction site is strenuous for the body. Many craftsmen suffer from problems with their knees, their backs or even encounter respiratory diseases from being exposed to harsh chemicals during the course of their working lives. Collomix’s ergonomically designed products and work processes help prevent injuries. Working with an upright back, avoiding the movement of heavy buckets with material or water, the effective extraction of dust on the construction site and safety functions on the machines help to maintain your health and the health of your team. 
According to research by Mona Barjasteh, “In the United States the cost of accidents annually equates to about $800 billion. Within this cost, workplace accidents account for $48 billion. Broken down even further, the lost wages accounts for $38 billion, while medical expenses and insurance administration costs are $24 billion and $29 billion respectively.” Accidents can happen on the jobsite that lead to injuries that need immediate medical attention, but more often, having unhealthy posture or simply using a tool for a job it was not designed to do can cause issues later on and may be irreversible. 
By using tools that are built with the body’s safety in mind, your health will be saved and, when all is said and done, is the most important resource of all. We want you to be able to keep mixing for years to come.  

Products which will help you to save your health: