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Paddle MKN
Paddle MKN
Robust professional paddle with three mixing blades, mixes from top down, for flowing and creamy materials in larger quantities.

Product details

  • MKN

    Item No.Product ConnectionMixing quantity DiameterLengthBuying Options
    40117-000MKN 120 HFHF15 - 25 kg120 mm590 mm Buy now
    40118-000MKN 140 HFHF20 - 40 kg135 mm590 mm Buy now
    40119-000MKN 160 HFHF30 - 60 kg160 mm590 mm Buy now
    41724-000MKN 120 M M14 male15 - 25 kg120 mm590 mm Buy now
    41754-000MKN 140 MM14 male20 - 40 kg135 mm590 mm Buy now
    41758-000MKN 160 MM14 male30 - 60 kg160 mm590 mm Buy now
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Paddle type MKN

  • Materials

    For liquid to honey-like materials, such as gypsum plaster, paints, coatings, grouts in larger quantities.
  • Mixing Action

    From the top down.
  • Powerful Mixing

    The robust professional paddle with three mixing blades pushes the material down and ensures intensive mixing. The MKN type is aggressive to prevent lumping and produces a smooth mix. Requires a powerful drive.
  • Protected

    The protective ring at the bottom of the paddle ensures a smooth operation in the marerial and protects your bucket from damages.
    Rührkorb MKN von Collomix mit Schutzring
  • HEXAFIX® quick coupling

    Innovative and patented quick coupling for paddle changeover in no time, without additional tools.

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