Concrete grinder CMG 1700Plenty of power under the hood.
Concrete grinder CMG 1700Plenty of power under the hood.
Concrete grinders for removing adhesive residues from tile or floor coverings, smoothing concrete and screed surfaces, deburring formwork edges, sintered layers, coatings or for processing natural stone.

Product details

  • Two Professional Models

    CMG 1700, for small jobs or where space is at a premium, ideal for work on the wall. The universal model with cup wheel Ø 125 mm for the craftsman. With hood segment to open, for work close to the edge.
    CMG 2600, the power pack for larger grinding jobs with 180 mm cup wheel. Especially suitable for floor grinding work and where strong forces are required.
  • Latest Engine Technology

    Optimised coil technology and airflow bring out the maximum power in the most compact design. For convincing power in material removal and constant grinding power with uninterrupted work. A temperature monitor, LED overload display and safety switch-off protect motor and machine. With soft start and restart protection.
  • Ergonomy

    The cross handle position ensures that the machines lie well and securely in the hand. Controlled guidance during grinding.
    Adjustable handle (CMG 1700), vibration damped handle (CMG 2600).
  • Healthy and Clean Grinding

    Maximum dust reduction is achieved by a tightly closing laminar ring and the connection of a powerful deduster. For a dust-free environment and clean air.

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