Collomix rota x.40 | Collomix colortec
Gyroscopic mixers ROTAThe Ergonomic & Multitalented Mixer
Gyroscopic mixers ROTAThe Ergonomic & Multitalented Mixer
Best working ergonomics with unique splash guard design. Almost no downtime due to contamination: The second generation ROTA X.40 biaxial mixer features a unique, patented protection mechanism that protects the drive and clamping elements to the maximum. Back-friendly and very fast loading of the Rota X.40 thanks to the innovative and ergonomic Push & Slide concept and the automatic handle safety device.

Product details

Gyroscopic Mixer ROTA X.40 - Performance and Ergonomics for highest demands

  • Reliable

    Virtually no downtime caused by dirty drive and clamping elements thanks to the unique & patented protection mechanism. We call it »Splash Guard«.
  • Ergonomic

    Outstanding ergonomics as minimal effort is required for loading and unloading. Machine loading that doesn’t put strain on the back due to easy Push & Slide.
  • Quick

    No rubber band needed to fix the handle! Save time with the automatic
    handle fixation and integral door with an Auto-Open-Function. The mixer is waiting for you - not you for the mixer!

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